A New beginning

Hello and welcome to the brand new Nerdsofmassdistraction.com. A few years ago my domain name lapsed. By the time I noticed what had happened someone had swooped in and registered the name, demanding some crazy amount if I wanted it back. Instead, I waited them out and registered a similar name, but with an (s) at the end. Finally, after about four years, the real deal is back.

You can expect the same love for comic books, animation, movies, television and all things of the geek and nerd world, but the attitude and look is going to be very different from past incarnations. A long time ago in 2010 I started the blog as a parenting, dad nerd blog. After years of experimenting with that format, I moved on to a more pop culture devoted site. There was a moment where I was trying some half assed attempt at being the next nerd news site like Bleeding Cool or Comic Book Resources. With a staff of one, that was never going to happen.

Truth be told, those sites are a dime a dozen. How much MCU, DCEU, Comic-Con news updates do we need in the world? That was a question I would rather avoid. So no, you’re not going to see daily movie news, celebrity gossip, insider leaks and article after article of puff pieces and toothless critiques that sound like paid endorsements. If you’re bored of all that stuff, this is the site for you.

So, I’ve come to the decision to just start from scratch and make the site I want. This is the place to discover obscure music, weird movies, bizarre toys, and comic books that will make your brain explode and your imagination go supernova. Soon we will be launching NMD, A weekly podcast with fellow nerds will give you a chance to call in and be a part of the fun. Or call in and give us a bad time. It’s all cool.

Be the cool kid and impress your friends with new knowledge of the weird and esoteric. Be the weird kid and impress your local mortician with new horror movie trivia. Be the rich kid and give me money! The choices are endless (well, not really, but there must be like four or five choices. That’s pretty good, right? It keeps the indecisive people busy for a while.)

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